Prevent Wrinkles By Removing Your Makeup

As a kid, did you ever sit and watch your mother remove her cheap customized packaging with a bit of cold cream right before bedtime? It didn’t make much sense at the time, but now of course it’s easy to see that to mom, aging gracefully was just as important a priority as it is to you today. And now that you’re grown, you know that the simple act of removing your makeup before bed allows you to avoid excessive dryness, acne blemishes and even the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. Of course, the actual methods of makeup removal also make a difference, as doing so improperly can increase your chances of wrinkles.

cheap customized packaging
cheap customized packaging

How to Remove Your Makeup
Lssno Before you utilize any sort of facial cleansers, toners or moisturizers, choose an oil-free cheap customized packaging remover from a reputable skin care line that will gently remove even the toughest of waterproof mascaras. With your chosen product, soak a cotton ball with remover and then swipe the cotton across your eyelids. Do not pull or rub on the skin, but gently swipe until all traces of makeup are gone.

Once your mascaras, eyeliners and shadows are gone, use your regular face wash and warm water to remove any traces of foundation and powder from the rest of your face. Continue on with your normal bedtime routine of natural beauty products, and finish off with an eye wrinkle cream or other anti aging skin cream, depending on your skin’s needs.

How NOT to Remove Your Makeup
No matter how hard it is to get those mascara clumps out of your lashes, never ever ever pull on the skin around your eyes to try and remove your cheap customized packaging. The skin around your eyes is even more delicate than that on the rest of your face, and tugging on it can cause premature wrinkles and lines. If you have patience, and consistently put in the effort to treat your skin with care, maintaining firm skin – not to mention younger looking skin – will be a breeze.

If you’ve having trouble removing your cheap customized packaging, focus on that area with a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover, and repeat until the whole area is clear.

Why You Should Remove It
If you’ve ever woken up with your cheap customized packaging still crusted onto your eyes and dry, crackly lipstick, you know it’s not a pretty sight. Not only does it make you feel dried out and drab, leaving that gunk on your face while your skin is at rest allows it to settle into your pores, which can encourage breakouts.

cheap customized packaging
cheap customized packaging

If you absolutely cannot find the time to do a full removal at the end of the cheap customized packaging, keep a pack of disposable wipes on your vanity or bedside table to give your face a good swipe before you head to sleep, and apply your anti aging skin care products after you cleanse in the morning.

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