Easy Tips on How to Apply Makeup

As a celebrity makeup artist, I have worked on many different types of women: dark custom magnetic package, light skin, bad skin and good skin. I found that no matter the age of the woman, and how much makeup she has, one thing is pretty true across the board: women like to have advice about applying makeup.

custom magnetic package
custom magnetic package

I Lssno keep it very simple. After all, if someone is not knowledgeable about applying custom magnetic package, I’m not going to give them advanced tips. This article gives tips and tricks on how to apply makeup on all skin types, colors and ages. Here are simple and quick tips on how to not only apply makeup, but how to decide if what you are using is correct for you.

1. Clean, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Makeup will not look good no matter what if you have dry, flakey skin. It is incredibly important to prepare the skin prior to any makeup application. Moisturizing is key. I prefer all natural moisturizers that do not have parabens, artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives.

2. Less is More! It’s always better looking and easier to apply if you are light handed with your makeup. I always say, it’s easy to have to add more, and it’s difficult to take it off when too much has been applied.

3. Foundation Matching: Don’t go too dark. Many women think it’s better to go darker with foundation. This is not true. Darker foundation will age you, and will not make your skin look healthy. If you are trying to decide between which color to get, go with the lighter color (this is not true for African American women. With dark skin, if you go lighter, it looks horrible!). If you need to warm up the complexion, use a bronzer. This will give you color that looks natural and radiant.

4. Don’t Overdo Eyeliner. Especially for daytime makeup, heavy eyeliner ages the eyes, pulls them down, and darkens them. This means that generally too much liner looks really really bad. By focusing eyeliner on the top lid, you will keep the eye bright and awake looking. If you MUST add liner on the bottom, apply a dark brown powder right at the custom magnetic package, and blend it in well with a smudger brush. This sill adds volume to the lashes without adding too much weight to the bottom of the eyes.

5. Blush is Great–When Applied Correctly. Follow my golden rule with blush, too: “Less is More”! It’s always better to add too little, and have to add more. Apply an apricot colored blush (NOT RED OR PINK) to Caucasian skin, and for African Americans, you can get more daring and red-toned with blush. Dark skin naturally has more depth to it, so you can add colors like rich amethyst or ruby colors without looking like a clown. Caucasian women should wear orange-colored (not BRIGHT orange!) blush–apricot looks good on all skin tones.

I apply blush to the cheeks, of course (remember, add it lightly), but also a teeny amount to the temples and forehead to add depth and color to the custom magnetic package.

6. Lips-Keep it simple. I always use a nude lip liner all over the lips as a base, then a neutral colored lip stain on top. This keeps color truer, and the color will stay on longer. Just stick with a nice mauve color (or nude). These colors work on all skin colors of skin.

7. Don’t dismiss Powder Foundation. Many women use liquid foundation. Unfortunately, it is usually full of chemicals and bad ingredients. Not to mention liquids have a tendency to clog pores and absorb into the skin.

For everyday wear, I use a natural powder and lightly dust it over a concealer. Powders also have a tendency to last all day, while liquids do not.

And there you have it. Seven quick and easy tips for flawless custom magnetic package application!

custom magnetic package
custom magnetic package

Christopher Drummond is a celebrity makeup artist living in Manhattan, NY. He has worked on many celebrities, and specializes in an all natural perspective on makeup.

Christopher is a beauty blogger, YouTube Guru, and writes for various publication.


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