Busting Myths About Makeup

Personally, I consider the act of applying customized newest real sable fur eyelashes as an art form. If and when you wear makeup that you apply it yourself; you are an artist – a makeup artist. The products that you use as your makeup are your artistic tools and materials while your face is the canvas. As an artist, you deserve the freedom of self expression and the liberty to explore your very individual creativity. No one, not even the so called experts, has the right to tell you what you “must never” or “should always” or “may” or “many not” do with your makeup to your own face. All that needs to be left up to your own personal choice.

customized newest real sable fur eyelashes
customized newest real sable fur eyelashes

Lssno Through the years I have come across countless pieces of advice about customized newest real sable fur eyelashes offered by “experts” who, in many instances, were not all that knowledgeable. I consider such unfounded guidance as myths and I would like to share a few of them with you here and now:

– Not everyone can wear red lipstick. That is absolutely incorrect. You and everyone else can wear red lipstick. You might want to tone it down or choose one of many different shades of red that makes you most comfortable and fits your style, your mood and the occasion.
– Applying mascara to your bottom customized newest real sable fur eyelashes casts a shadow and should be avoided. That makes absolutely no sense. If you are applying mascara to your top lashes you should not omit the bottom ones. Mascara casts shadows only when it runs or smears, but if you use a waterproof and smudge proof product there is no issue.
– You are either a “cool” or a “warm” color person but you cannot be both. Excuse me? Of course you can. You can wear whichever color you choose to wear at any given time and you can mix and match if you choose to do so. You might have personal favorites but that is your own individual choice that must not be dictated by anyone else. And if you wish to wear unconventional and outrageous colors, I congratulate and applaud you for “stepping out of the box.”
– Lightly spraying water on your face will freshen up your customized newest real sable fur eyelashes. No! Please don’t do that to yourself unless you want your makeup to run.
– Confine your use of customized newest real sable fur eyelashes products to one brand. Why? Unless you are using a product that is harmful to your facial skin, do you think your face will be able to tell the difference? And if it could tell the difference, do you think it would care?
– Paler skin requires darker foundation. Firsts of all, if your skin is pale you must see a doctor because you are sick. Healthy people may have fair skin but never pale. Fair skin does not need to be darkened any more than dark skin needs to be lightened. If you are fair-skinned and wish to brighten it up a bit, you could use some blush on your cheeks but that is all you need.
– Heavy makeup is for after dark hours. There is no such thing as “daytime customized newest real sable fur eyelashes” versus “nighttime makeup.” Wear your makeup in a way that makes you feel most comfortable and don’t worry about the time of day or night.

customized newest real sable fur eyelashes
customized newest real sable fur eyelashes

Enjoy the process of putting on your customized newest real sable fur eyelashes, be comfortable with it and have fun with the results.


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