He Whom the Gods Favour

According to Chinua Achebe “He whom the gods love will they call early to the great beyond” but according to the Holy Book, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only son that whosoever customized own brand real 3d lashes in him should not perish but have everlasting life…’

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customized own brand real 3d lashes

Lssno With the recent happenings in my young Life, I have come to the conclusion that customized own brand real 3d lashes loves me so much and as such, He has promised me a very long lasting life which doesn’t entail me perishing in any form at all. This has been evident in recent occurrences in my life.

As a young man with creative tendencies, I have never been one to sit in one place and blame my woes on anybody, instead I take my problems head on and search for means to proffer solution, after all, I am a physicists and in my world, Impossible is nothing.

I remember exactly six years ago when I was exactly into my adulthood and still very much naïve and prone to the silly vices of youthful customized own brand real 3d lashes , I had involved myself in something not so cool and had been taken to a juvenile facility by two security officials (my crime wasn’t big) I sat in between them on a motor bike. As the journey progressed, several thoughts ran through my mind. What would my parents feel if they heard that I had ‘committed?, sure they would feel disappointed, I felt bad for them. They had tried so much for me, depriving themselves of so many things just so I could have a convenient life and here I was paying them back with shame…

I decided to jump… a couple of times I had seen many Hollywood customized own brand real 3d lashes where actors jumped from moving vehicles and then rolled on the ground to safety, I decided to do same, jump, roll and run to safety, at least, that should save me the disgrace of having to be mug shot as a juvenile offender.

But unknown to me, most of what the customized own brand real 3d lashes did in movies where stunt coordinated by visual effects. I jumped from the motor bike while it was on top speed and landed heavily on the ground, I failed to roll…
The effect of my jumping caused the driver to lose control and the bike ran into the bush with the two officials. They came out unscathed and ran towards me; I remained on the ground with so much pain and unable to move, I had broken my leg on impact. As expected, they started pummeling me with their booths, on every side. When they were done beating sense out of me, they placed me on the bike again and took me first to their office, from where I was then released out of pity to my sisters who then took me home for treatment.

customized own brand real 3d lashes
customized own brand real 3d lashes

At the healing home, while in so much pain, I prayed to the customized own brand real 3d lashes I had failed so deeply, promising him that if He saved me from the mess I had put myself into, I would never ever do anything to go against His law and the law of the Land. God answered me.

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