Cross Country

Thumbs out, they stand on the shoulder of the highway. Actually, Adam is standing. Sarah is sitting on the grassy handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale, knees up, supporting her head on her arms. There, on the outskirts of Valemount, where they have been trying to hitch a ride for what seems an eternity, she has given up. They are hitching across Canada. A month earlier, discussed over a pint of Moosehead Lager at Seamus David’s Pub in Dartmouth, the trip from Nova Scotia to British Columbia seemed like a great idea. But by the time they had crossed into B.C. from Alberta, the adventure was gone.

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Lssno By the second week of September, most tourists have returned home and packed away their handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale and camping gear for the season. Only a few cars have driven by in the past couple of hours, one or two slowing just enough to size them up. Adam is trying to maintain his game face, but Sarah just sits, discouraged and dejected. Even finally reaching the Rockies doesn’t excite them. After weeks on the road, they are nearing their destination. But at that moment, tired, cold and hungry as they are, Vancouver seems a million miles away.

Their luck hasn’t gotten any better as this cool, cloudy Tuesday afternoon wears on. When they find themselves exposed to a cold drizzle in the diminishing light of evening, Adam suggests they call it a day and pitch their tent under a nearby highway handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale. Sarah doesn’t much care as long as they get out of the rain. They barely get the tent pitched and are working at getting settled for the night when a truck bearing a City of Valemount decal pulls up. The driver informs them that camping on land owned by the Ministry of Transportation is illegal and they have to pack up and move on. Sarah asks him to give them a ride to a nearby campground, but he refuses. His shift was over and he claims he is low on gas.

‘Please, please, please,’ begs Sarah. ‘Can’t you spare just a few minutes to help us out? And I’m sure you’d never let yourself get that short of gas.’

Giving in, the city worker waits in the cab while the handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale pack up their stuff and toss their packs in the back of the pickup. Minutes later, the pick-up turns down an old little-used road parallel to the park and pulls over along the thick tree line. The two hitchhikers jump out.

They walk along a fence until they reach the Park entrance only to find themselves standing in the cold rain in front of a locked gate. The sign on the kiosk reads ‘Campground Full.’ They can’t even plead their case, ask that an exception be made, because the kiosk is unattended. Patience gone, Adam is at a loss. He turns to find Sarah sitting in the gravel, leaning against the gatepost.

‘You okay?’

‘No! I’m not okay! I’m done, Adam. You hear me? I’m soaking wet, and I’m so cold, I can’t feel my fingers. I’m hungry and tired, and my feet ache. I’m just going to sit right here in the rain; with handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale, I’ll catch pneumonia and die by morning.’

‘Aw, c’mon. Things are bad enough without you going all Drama Queen on me. Gimme a minute.’

Adam slides his soggy pack from his back and sets it beside his girlfriend. He turns to survey their surroundings. Crossing the highway, he descends into the ditch on the far side and for a second he disappears into the increasing rain. A moment later he is back, hurrying to Sarah.

‘C’mon, get up. There’s a great stand of trees on the other side of the road. Hardly any underbrush, a perfect place to pitch the tent.’ They decide to move up the highway a bit and set up their tent a short distance off the road among the trees.

handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale
handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale

Adam helps Sarah to her feet, and shouldering both packs, he leads her across the vacant handmade 3d eyelashes wholesale. Stepping up to the fence, he throws the packs over the barb wire.


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