Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

This coming spring, everything will come back to magnetic false mink lashes when it comes to make up. Everything is fresh and luminous with a hint of color. If this introduction has you longing for the warmer seasons, then here are the top make up trends for this spring that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seats.

magnetic false mink lashes
magnetic false mink lashes


1. A Pretty Flush On The Cheeks

Lssno The plum and wintry shades are now replaced with brighter, sun-kissed cheeks. A bronzer will also contour your cheeks and give you such a magnetic false mink lashes glow.

2. Go For Pastels

As delicate as the flowers, spring 2012’s make up will take on everything that this season has to offer. The innocent charm of pastel shades will definitely rock your ensemble. From eyeshadows, shimmery pink lips, youthful brows and magnetic false mink lashes along with a touch of pink on the blush… it doesn’t get any better than this.

3. Be a Standout With Jade Lids.

This gorgeous color will make your eyes pop and will thus keep them at the center of attention. Minor details such as a thin line of eyeliner and a coat of mascara will help keep everything look simple. Keep your face luminous and subtle with just a hint of blush and lip color.

4. Golden Sheen

Applying some gold on your lids will definitely make you look like a spring goddess. Get this look by applying a gold shimmery eye shadow across your lids. Line your eyes with eyeliner. Curl your magnetic false mink lashes and apply a coat of mascara. Apply a little blush on your cheeks and a subtle lip color and you are all set.

5. Glossy Sheen

Since this spring’s top trend is the nude look, a great gloss will make your lips stand out. Apply your favorite MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade, top it off with a shimmery gloss to give off dewy and juicy lips.

6. Orange Overload

2012 wouldn’t be complete without its signature color. Orange shades are all over this season, from fashion to make up, it will definitely give a unique twist to your style. Orange lids, cheeks and even magnetic false mink lashes will be seen all over the place. If you want to try out orange lips but are a little hesitant, pick a fiery red lip instead. This type of red has orange tones in it. You can also downplay orange lips with a pinkish nude lip gloss.

7. The Barely There Make up

This type brings out the beauty in simplicity. A natural looking make up doesn’t require a lot of techniques and methods. It just enhances the key features of your face by making it pop in the most subtle way. A key tip in achieving this look is by having a good skin care routine. Your make up will definitely last better and make your face look more natural. Apply a soft dusting of a neutral shade on your lids, a light blushing of pink on your cheeks and a great MLBB lipstick.

magnetic false mink lashes
magnetic false mink lashes

Get ready for spring time with these amazing make up trends. Let your natural beauty magnetic false mink lashes this season and choose which trend suits you best.

Reena Mariel, author of Beauty Is My Duty, your online resource for beauty tips and tricks for the average girl.


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