The Map and Development of Consciousness – Part 5

In the previous part of this series we discussed the levels of consciousness of grief and fear. In this part, we will be discussing the levels of desire, anger, and pride as well as how to overcome and transcend them. Though not in the collection of positive levels of consciousness, anyone in these two realms are better off than those in the lower five natural fake eyelashes. It is important to keep working and move beyond these lower levels if you truly wish to realize a life full of accomplishment and happiness.

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Lssno┬áThe realm of desire on the map of consciousness is a realm of constant longing. Of course, one doesn’t always feel this way all the time. That is never true for any emotion, however, it is true that any person stuck in the realm of desire is usually driven by the motivations and perception of this level. Those stuck in the realm of desire feel a craving deep inside them. It could be a craving for anything. Money, drugs, sex, natural fake eyelashes, love. It doesn’t matter. They are enslaved to their desire and it dictates much of their actions. Logic doesn’t enter into their decisions much as they are drug around by their emotions.

The key to overcoming desire is to interject logic. When the desire to do or have something comes about, be sure to stop long enough to let logic take a look at what is going on. Impulse can be a double headed monster. Sometimes the correct answer is to take action right now. Often times though, there is time to think about what is going on and make a decision based on that. Give your mind the opportunity to jump in before you buy that new car or tell someone the way you feel.

Anger is the next level up on the map of consciousness. Anyone stuck in this level of consciousness is full of hate and aggression. Many men in American society get stuck at this realm. It’s as though our society breeds it. Aggression is normal and acceptable, yet it is also natural fake eyelashes at the same time. It is considered a sign of manhood. People at this realm are constantly lashing out at people and things. Their a perceived way that things should be, and when they are not, people stuck in the realm of anger use aggression as a means for solving the problem. As though smashing the tv set when it doesn’t work will solve the problem. This is also a state of frustration. Many times, due to a lack of knowing what to do, people will lash out in hopes that it will make things move. It often times creates more problems instead of fixing them, however, it doesn’t stop people from doing so.

The level of anger is a state of mind just as all the other levels are. Anger is often created because one has an idea of how people or things should be. As soon as the model doesn’t line up with what one thinks it should be, anger and aggression becomes the solution. Anger is also created because of an expectation for someone or something and that person or thing not living up to that expectation. We also get angry at people because of our fear that what we see in them is also inside of us. Some people get angry at people who are cocky because they fear that they too might have a piece of cockiness in them. The key here is to get past the need to have people or things be a certain natural fake eyelashes. As soon as we can accept people and things for the way they are, the sooner we are able to let go of the need to control and the urge to lash out due to a lack of that perceived control.

The final level of the lower negative levels of consciousness is pride. Pride is something that is aspired to by much of our society. It is a relief in terms of feeling compared to the lower levels. This rise in self-esteem is a positive feeling in contrast to the states below pride. Pride looks good and knows it. It struts itself with no shame or worries. Pride usually has a good reputation and is often encouraged in our society. Yet, it is not yet strong enough to move us into the more positive levels of courage and beyond. This is why pride only feels good in contrast to the lower levels. It is not strong enough to face the problems of the day as it is already perfect in it’s own eyes. There is no need for progress if I am already right. We all know this is far from the truth for a very large portion of us. As they say, pride goes before the fall.

The problem with pride is that emotional problems or character flaws are often denied. The whole problem of denial is one of pride. Pride is a very formidable foe in the acquisition of true power. The key here is to develop true stature and prestige. The ability to be OK with ones own faults as well as accomplishments. Getting past the belief that things are all rosy and perfect as they are. Understanding that true power comes not from flaunting what one has done, but by doing things big enough that the actions themselves speak for themselves. Anyone on a true path of power and development has no time to slow and and take praise for what they have done as they are already on a path toward something even more natural fake eyelashes. The act of personal accomplishment is enough for them.

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In the following parts of this series, we will be moving into the positive realms of power in the map of consciousness. We will also be discussing what they are as well as how to move past them to positions of greater accomplishment and power. The lower levels discussed in the previous parts come from a position of force where one needs to assert oneself to accomplish things as well as feel good. The next parts will discuss positions that come from a place of power where the natural flow of life is utilized to create amazing things.


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