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The Media Has Lied to You About What the Opposite Sex is Attracted to

Every day it’s a constant barrage of noise. All of us, apparently, have to make some big changes-and now—or else you’ll never get a date again. All for 3 easy payments of synthetic eyelashes.

synthetic eyelashes
synthetic eyelashes

Oh, come on. Are we really this gullible?

Lssno Lately I’ve been paying attention to media, especially advertising, and realizing more than ever how we are getting played. Think about it. Virtually everything communicated to us in the commercial media is designed to sell a product, further a cause, synthetic eyelashes. Extraordinarily often, this plays upon our feelings of worthiness to attract “hotties”. Right?

One of my favorite recent commercials is the one where the guy and girl make eye contact while on stopped streetcars headed in opposite directions. Quickly the guy springs up to get off his ride and hopefully catch the other one so he can meet the woman. Unsuccessful…he is dejected when both streetcars leave, only to find that the woman had done the same thing (!) There they are standing across from each other, and it’s presumably ‘on’. What a great commercial, and what a picture perfect example of a “romantic moment”. Except for one curious thing…it’s for a pair of guys pants. How in the world did the pants help him in the all-important quest to attract the girl? He was looking out a streetcar window!

Where this conversation gets more personal is when it involves things we are perceived to have to change in order to get someone to be attracted to us at all. For guys, the easy target has historically been baldness, although nowadays penis size seems to be gaining momentum (synthetic eyelashes doesn’t sound quite right…but you know what I mean). The latter is another whole topic, so let’s talk about what it’s like for bald guys. Bald guys have been generally trained by media to be horrified of going bald. Bald guys are remembered as ridiculed in sitcoms and in movies. Bald guys are told no women are interested in a guy without hair, and that they should spend all the money it takes to change it.

Now, I happen to have plenty of hair on my head, so I’m an unbiased opinion here. Judging from informal conversations with numerous women, and from what I’ve seen on online profiles, I think far fewer women are turned off by a receding hairline-or even flat-out baldness-than these commercials would like for us to believe. You can even go to and see the kind of objective ratings guys get for yourself. The numbers don’t lie. The website is not called “” (check the URL…nope).

The ladies are fed even more crazy stuff. I saw a mascara ad several years ago where the waiter made a Freudian slip and asked the lady if she wanted something or other to go with her “synthetic eyelashes”. What a wakeup call that was to watch. Do you think us guys are really going around paying that much attention to your lashes? We may indirectly notice how long lashes positively affect a woman’s attractiveness, but really–I assure you–we aren’t obsessing over her eyelashes.

Better example: fashion. Most of us guys, again not a general statement but far more than you are led to believe, really think a woman looks as great in a sweatshirt, sweatpants and ankle sox as she did in that Carolina Herrera gown last night. Really. Believe it. In fact, the “girl next door” thing in general rules with many, many guys.

Don’t we all appreciate someone real? This goes for plastic surgery, also. Informal surveys of my male friends show that we really don’t all go for a large breast size. It’s true. Believe that also. I can count on both hands the number of guys I know who appreciate women with surgically altered bust lines. How many times have you seen someone who has had a facelift, and immediately thought he or she would have been better off leaving it alone?

And the clincher? News flash: Despite everything you’ve heard, seen, and have had played before your synthetic eyelashes…(are you sitting down for this?)…A LOT of guys don’t prefer skinny women. In fact, some of us out here don’t even have a direct preference when it comes to the subject matter of this paragraph or the preceding one. Now, extremism is one thing, and if someone is affected as such s/he should get that handled for health and lifestyle reasons. But for the most part, who a woman is-overall-is going to affect the level of attraction for a guy.

And this thought process appears to apply to both men and women. I’ve heard lots of women talk about a guy with some “meat on his bones” instead of washboard abs (can’t have both). And guess what? Likewise, plenty of guys like curvier women. More guys may think this way than actually will admit publicly, also-likely because of what the media has taught us is attractive. Do we all have “bad taste”? That’s subjective-as it should be.

Further, an interesting story was done that showed that men will predictably be attracted to a 7/10 ratio between waist and hips, which also happens to be a good scientific quotient for indicating female fertility, it seems. OK, so why don’t all women know this? Because you can’t do anything about it. You can’t “spot reduce”. There are no products to sell, so the media has no interest in telling you this sort of thing.

synthetic eyelashes
synthetic eyelashes

But you have the ability to lose weight generally-if you want to. And you can put on make up, and hair “products” and different clothes. Darn skippy. And you hear about that all the time. Why? Because there’s money in making people feel insecure. And once the ball is rolling, it’s a financial bonanza. It’s this way in part because of the basic message, and in larger part, I’ve come to believe, because one can never do enough. In all actuality it doesn’t necessarily get attraction to happen. In fact, the cumulative effect can actually backfire, causing less attraction because of the perceived plasticism or, worse, the insecurity.


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Selecting Makeup in Tune With the Season

Did you know that you really should change your make-up with the synthetic lashes? It’s not a life or death situation, but it really does reflect on your appearance. Here’s a quick guide on how to do your make-up all year round.

synthetic lashes
synthetic lashes


Lssno You aren’t still wearing the same old makeup colors that you wore last winter are you? Spring is here and there are some great new colors to check out.
For eye shadow, pinks are popular, but you already know that don’t you. There are some great pinky purple and blue lavenders to check out as well. Lighten up your eyes with these new shades.

There is a great new mascara from L’Oreal. One end fortifies and lengthens the synthetic lashes and the other end coats the lashes with lush color. And when they say that is makes your lashes 60% longer… it definitely works that way for me.

I test out a lot of foundations and one that I just picked up is definitely worth sharing. It is called “Nearly Naked” by synthetic lashes, and is so different from what is on the market at the moment. It isn’t in a bottle for one thing. It comes in a “touch pad” jar. And the best part, it offers flawless coverage, but to anyone else, it’s just you.

Although there are some gorgeous pink blushes on the market, not everyone can wear this color. Instead, you can wear a mixture of pink and peach. For some reason, those two colors warm up some complexions perfectly. Try mixing the shades that you have and see how it works for you.

All kinds of pinks are waiting for you at the cosmetic counters, but again, it’s finding the right shade. Here is a little trick that works every time. Look for a pink that is included in the Gifts With Purchase campaigns that major companies offer regularly. They choose the cosmetics for these synthetic lashes very carefully. They can’t afford for you not to like the colors they include, so they always add one that will work with most skin synthetic lashes.

Again pink is at the front of the color choices available, but I can’t believe just how many pink variations there are to choose from. Paler shades are also going to be very popular for your toes this summer, so stock up!


Full face make-up is not in style any more (no matter what your age). It prevents your skin from breathing! And in the summer who wants caked make-up running down their face? Use a tinted moisturizer rather than a regular foundation. It will even out your skin tone and is so much lighter.

If you want to wear foundation, use a non-matte make-up. It’s less oily and keeps your face fresh. Wear as little powder as possible. Try just using it in the “t-zone” that might get a little oily. As far as fragrance goes, keep your summer fragrance light and fresh. A cologne or toilet water spray with some of the new aromatherapy scents is perfect. You can always go back to your regular or a heavier perfume at first frost. Overall, just think light, airy, sunny, and you can’t go wrong with less make-up in the summer.

synthetic lashes
synthetic lashes

Natural care for healthy skin


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How To Enhance Smaller Eyes

You don’t have to be any magician to create flawless natural false eyelashes. As a former model I picked up all sorts of little tricks from the various make-up artists I worked with. They would say their most often used trick in their magic bags is to “use the powers of light and dark to illuminate the good and hide the bad”. Such drama queens they are. But they are true goddesses of illusion.

natural false eyelashes
natural false eyelashes

Lssno What you will require for this little exercise is:

Dark brown or black pencil or liquid eyeliner

White pencil or liquid natural false eyelashes

Lash curler

Mascara (brown-black, black or charcoal)

Light frost eye shadow

Medium color matte natural false eyelashes shadow

Always apply eye shadow first before liner or mascara. Brush a light frost eye shadow on the brow just under the eyebrow. I like to use yellow. (Only use gold or white if you are going out at night because it comes off as a little harsh.) The yellow really opens up the eyes and it makes me glow. For a little added glamour, or as I call it my sly sexy look, I dab a bit on the inner corners of my eyes (and maybe a dab on the highest point in my cheekbone!). Take the medium color matte eye shadow and sweep it on the outer half of the eyelid for contour. If you wish to use dark eye shadow, use it only in the outside corner area and sparingly. Remember, dark hides and shrinks.

Next the liner. Start with a fine line from the inner corner of your eye as close as you can get to your eyelash. As you past the midway point of your eyelid, make the line thicker. Extend your liner beyond the corner of your eye a little to open your eye. This will make your natural false eyelashes look thicker and longer. For even more of an open-eye look, line the inside rim of your lower eye with white liner. Never completely surround your eyes in a dark liner if you have small eyes; this is counterproductive. One makeup artist did this to me once. And I do mean only once.

And finally for lush luxurious lashes, curl them. Then the mascara. Apply one coat on your eyelashes. Wait a few minutes to see the effect. Then apply second or a third coat to darken your eyelashes more. This will make your eyes look larger as well.

Use lighter shades of eye shadow or a slight shimmer on your lid to really open your eyes, and also use an iridescent highlighter under your brow.

natural false eyelashes
natural false eyelashes

We use the dark to diminish and light to enhance. These are a few tricks that can create the illusion of having bigger eyes.

Katie Moran


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The Map and Development of Consciousness – Part 5

In the previous part of this series we discussed the levels of consciousness of grief and fear. In this part, we will be discussing the levels of desire, anger, and pride as well as how to overcome and transcend them. Though not in the collection of positive levels of consciousness, anyone in these two realms are better off than those in the lower five natural fake eyelashes. It is important to keep working and move beyond these lower levels if you truly wish to realize a life full of accomplishment and happiness.

natural fake eyelashes
natural fake eyelashes

Lssno The realm of desire on the map of consciousness is a realm of constant longing. Of course, one doesn’t always feel this way all the time. That is never true for any emotion, however, it is true that any person stuck in the realm of desire is usually driven by the motivations and perception of this level. Those stuck in the realm of desire feel a craving deep inside them. It could be a craving for anything. Money, drugs, sex, natural fake eyelashes, love. It doesn’t matter. They are enslaved to their desire and it dictates much of their actions. Logic doesn’t enter into their decisions much as they are drug around by their emotions.

The key to overcoming desire is to interject logic. When the desire to do or have something comes about, be sure to stop long enough to let logic take a look at what is going on. Impulse can be a double headed monster. Sometimes the correct answer is to take action right now. Often times though, there is time to think about what is going on and make a decision based on that. Give your mind the opportunity to jump in before you buy that new car or tell someone the way you feel.

Anger is the next level up on the map of consciousness. Anyone stuck in this level of consciousness is full of hate and aggression. Many men in American society get stuck at this realm. It’s as though our society breeds it. Aggression is normal and acceptable, yet it is also natural fake eyelashes at the same time. It is considered a sign of manhood. People at this realm are constantly lashing out at people and things. Their a perceived way that things should be, and when they are not, people stuck in the realm of anger use aggression as a means for solving the problem. As though smashing the tv set when it doesn’t work will solve the problem. This is also a state of frustration. Many times, due to a lack of knowing what to do, people will lash out in hopes that it will make things move. It often times creates more problems instead of fixing them, however, it doesn’t stop people from doing so.

The level of anger is a state of mind just as all the other levels are. Anger is often created because one has an idea of how people or things should be. As soon as the model doesn’t line up with what one thinks it should be, anger and aggression becomes the solution. Anger is also created because of an expectation for someone or something and that person or thing not living up to that expectation. We also get angry at people because of our fear that what we see in them is also inside of us. Some people get angry at people who are cocky because they fear that they too might have a piece of cockiness in them. The key here is to get past the need to have people or things be a certain natural fake eyelashes. As soon as we can accept people and things for the way they are, the sooner we are able to let go of the need to control and the urge to lash out due to a lack of that perceived control.

The final level of the lower negative levels of consciousness is pride. Pride is something that is aspired to by much of our society. It is a relief in terms of feeling compared to the lower levels. This rise in self-esteem is a positive feeling in contrast to the states below pride. Pride looks good and knows it. It struts itself with no shame or worries. Pride usually has a good reputation and is often encouraged in our society. Yet, it is not yet strong enough to move us into the more positive levels of courage and beyond. This is why pride only feels good in contrast to the lower levels. It is not strong enough to face the problems of the day as it is already perfect in it’s own eyes. There is no need for progress if I am already right. We all know this is far from the truth for a very large portion of us. As they say, pride goes before the fall.

The problem with pride is that emotional problems or character flaws are often denied. The whole problem of denial is one of pride. Pride is a very formidable foe in the acquisition of true power. The key here is to develop true stature and prestige. The ability to be OK with ones own faults as well as accomplishments. Getting past the belief that things are all rosy and perfect as they are. Understanding that true power comes not from flaunting what one has done, but by doing things big enough that the actions themselves speak for themselves. Anyone on a true path of power and development has no time to slow and and take praise for what they have done as they are already on a path toward something even more natural fake eyelashes. The act of personal accomplishment is enough for them.

natural fake eyelashes
natural fake eyelashes

In the following parts of this series, we will be moving into the positive realms of power in the map of consciousness. We will also be discussing what they are as well as how to move past them to positions of greater accomplishment and power. The lower levels discussed in the previous parts come from a position of force where one needs to assert oneself to accomplish things as well as feel good. The next parts will discuss positions that come from a place of power where the natural flow of life is utilized to create amazing things.


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Religious Intolerance

Ever since the Taliban became a threatening presence in the life of democratic and peace loving people I’ve had this dreaded fear that one day, intolerance would reign in natural eyelashes. I’m not so sure that this is a far fetched threat or as others has told me, bordering on the paranoid. It is not all that far farfetched because Israel happens not to have a separation of church and state. The day could come when politically the religious parties could hold the majority of seats and usurp power reigning religious tolerance on the majority of secular Jews in Israel.

natural eyelashes
natural eyelashes

Lssno The fact of the matter is that in a sense there already is the foundations of religious intolerance, what we term in Hebrew as k’fia daatit. On example of that would be marriage. The founding fathers of Israel, incorrectly assumed that for the sake of the unity of the Jewish people all matters relating to marriage and divorce ought to be in the hands of the Chief Rabbinate. By so doing, intermarriage and mamzerut (natural eyelashes rendered illegitimate) issues resulting from an unholy union would be minimized. Truth be told, most Israelis resent having this arrangement and would prefer the option of choosing how and by whom they were marrying.

Earlier I pointed out that our founding fathers incorrectly assumed that blending religion and state would maintain the unity of our people. They were incorrect for a variety of reasons: A woman who marries a man through a civil ceremony and procreates, her offspring are not considered mamzeirim. Furthermore, if she wishes to marry a second time to a religious Jew via the offices of the Rabbinate this too is not a problem, because in the eyes of halacha she had not previously been married and thus she could marry halachically. So in effect there really is no legitimate reason to hold the country hostage for the sake of the natural eyelashes need to control the lives of its citizens.

Religious intolerance is unfortunately deeply rooted in the halachic tradition and as such it is not unrealistic to believe that one day circumstances could lend themselves to a situation where a theocratic system of government reigns as a result of a confluence of political circumstances. A quick survey of Biblical text and rabbinic literature will illustrate the point. In Deuteronomy 13:14-16 is a good indication of the level intolerance set up in our faith system:

That some scoundrels from among you have gone and subverted the inhabitants of their town saying ‘come let us worship other gods’ you shall investigate…and interrogate thoroughly. If it is true…put the inhabitants of that town to the sword…Doom it and all that is in it to destruction.

There is of course a host of interpretations as well as interpretive guidelines regarding the application of such a difficult commandment, and it is questionable if it ever happened. The point however is that psychologically the text has displayed little room for tolerance and any sense of pluralism. A reading of Joshua will provide additional biblical examples of intolerance once we entered Canaan. Centuries later, the Macabees displayed little tolerance for those Jews who chose to Hellenize.

In the Talmud, T.B. 106a there is a principle that a person can be forced until he submits. This is within the context of religious observance. The underlying idea is that the sages believed that every Jew deep down, within his heart of hearts wishes to fulfill the commandments. Forcing him is only justified if it is believed that the sinner can be genuinely convinced and that his real and true desire is to obey the law. In all fairness there were dissenters to this opinion and believed that forcing someone into observance was not acceptable. R’ Meir Simcha Cohen in his seminal opus Or Sameach comments the forcing (kfia) is used as a means of convincing one that as a result of which, a person will, out of the fullness of his heart perform the mitzvoth of his own free will.

Again we see that in the Talmud, T.B. Ktuvot 91a, Chulin 132a that If one is told to build a Sucah (tabernacle or booth) and he refuses, or to take up a lulov (palms) and refuses, or to put on tzitzit (religious fringes) and refuses he can be whipped “ad shetaitzei Nafsho”, until he expires. This is referred to as Macot Mardut as opposed to the punishment of Malkot (lashings). In Macot Mardut the amount of natural eyelashes is not circumscribed, but is continued “ad shtaitzei Nafsho”, as opposed to Malkot which has a prescribed number of natural eyelashes.

While corporal punishment for not obeying halacha is no longer acceptable other means by which to accomplish the goal of shemirat mitzvoth (observance of the commandments) by the general public has been applied. Legislation, or political blackmail, which is lawful and has the feeling of a democratic process, has been the normative methodology of forcing Israelis to heed the law. (Incidentally, the Chief Rabbinate under the questionable guidance of Rabbi Amar, is trying his autocratic method on the Rabbinical Council of America with little success yet.) This has been accomplished and in practice since 1948 when it comes to marriage and divorce in Israel. However, no matter what the argument is to justify the Chief rabbinate’s involvement, there is a sense of religious intolerance practiced in Israel today. The leap from that to total, full blown intolerance is not that great, given the sources mentioned and the ethos of the rabbinate.

natural eyelashes
natural eyelashes

My fear is that religious intolerance can actuate and should be seen as unacceptable for democratic loving people. Intolerance damages the autonomy that each of us treasure as well as our self esteem. Even if we accept intolerance passively, ultimately it corrodes our national sense self esteem. Only a dictator can make someone behave against his conscience, and as I pointed out, if the Chief Rabbinate had their druthers we would be living under some form of theocratic oligarchy. The question is what kind of government would want it citizens to live in a way that was contrary to their conscience? A self confident country, an enlightened country, one that honors its citizens, whoever and whatever they are, is a country that honors the conscience of his people, and their ability to make intelligent and enlightened choices. Israel to conduct itself in any other way would be a mockery of its Zionist ideology and heritage. So why do I fear the eruption of a benign “talibanesque” religious oligarchy in Israel?


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Ten Tips on Bridal Beauty

1. Always wear waterproof makeup full set mink lashes!

  • We have heard it before, “I am not a crier.” Crier or not, I think every bride would say better safe than sorry. You want your makeup to look just as fresh at the send off as it did when it was first applied.So waterproof-it-up ladies! Eyeliner, mascara, foundation, anything that comes in waterproof, wear it! You would hate to blot your eyes during the ceremony and when the preacher pronounces you man and wife, you turn around with black smudges under your full set mink lashes! You maybe happy then (you just married the man of your dreams!) but when you see the pictures the inner bridezilla might present itself, even after the wedding. So let’s just deal with it correctly from the beginning,wear waterproof makeup and no one has to get hurt.
  • full set mink lashes
    full set mink lashes

2. Always wear fake eyelashes!

  • Lssno I know this one might be a little controversial, but hear me out.You want to look the best you have ever looked, glamorous, romantic,and natural at the same time. You want to look beautiful like you never have before, but still yourself. full set mink lashes are a fun way to enhance your eyes, yes even if you have long eyelashes, and an easy,natural way to make your makeup different than any other day. There are different types of lashes, for a more dramatic look you can choose the full strip, but if you want a more natural enhancing look go for the individual lashes. If you still don’t trust me and you are using a professional makeup artist, ask them about your options (they should have a few), and ask them to apply them for your trial. If you are not using a professional, go to a beauty counter at the mall (MAC is a good place for lashes) and ask them to teach you how to do it. If you still don’t like it, well, then I tried.

3. Get your trial makeup done for your full set mink lashes pictures.

  • This is a great way to make sure that you like your makeup and that it photographs well. You will also be able to see how it lasts throughout a day of smiling, kissing, hugging, maybe a tear or two.Once you get your pictures back you can decide what you like and don’t like and make a better decision of whether or not you want to book that makeup artist, choose a different style, or do it yourself.

4. If you are planning to fake tan

  • I know I have read and heard a lot of “DO NOT tan before your wedding day!” I do agree that there is nothing worse than an orange bride, but not all tanning solutions turn people orange. Here are my suggestions for fake tanning: 1.) Make sure it is custom airbrush; it leaves less room for error. 2.) Do a tanning trial a month or two before so you can see whether or not it will turn you orange. 3.) If you like it and want it for the wedding, make sure you do it three days before hand. This gives it time to blend well and fix any mistakes there might be.

5. Be Honest!

  • Your makeup artist and hairdresser want you to be COMPLETELY honest during the trial session. That is what they are for! Don’t worry about hurting feelings (full set mink lashes, you can still be polite in saying it) but make sure that you are very honest and specific with what you want. It makes it easier for the artist and you will be happier with the end result.

6. Make your own touch up bag

  • You will definitely need touch ups. That is just a given. It is a good idea to ask your makeup artist what products they used for mascara and lips so you can go out and buy it and have it on hand for the day. If they used a special blend of their own products, have then put a little extra in a little plastic baggy and make sure to bring something to apply it with (full set mink lashes of honor’s finger is fine). This will limit the cost of having your makeup artist on hand for the entire night.

7. Use a makeup artist, and if it isn’t in your budget then get a lesson

  • Since this is one of the most important days of your life, I would recommend that you hire a professional makeup artist. You are hiring professionals in every other area, why not makeup and hair? I always say the most important vendors you choose are the photographer, videographer, and makeup artist because they are the memories you take with you from your day. Do it matter if you looked fabulous the day of, but the camera didn’t pick up the makeup well? You don’t want to be looking at your photos afterward thinking, “I know I looked beautiful, but you can’t tell!” You want your memories to show how beautiful you really looked. I do, however, understand that some brides are on a strict budget, I was. In this case, if you choose to do it yourself, go ahead of time to a makeup counter at your local Nordstroms or Macy’s and have them give you a lesson in bridal makeup. If they have any products that they suggest for long-lasting makeup or HD quality, you can buy it and have it for the day of.

8. Make sure the makeup used, by your professional or otherwise, is long-lasting and HD quality

  • This is very important!! Two things you want your makeup to do: last all day/night and look good in pictures. Some good long lasting makeup (and HD quality) is airbrush – usually good for 12-18hours. Another tip is to apply primer about 10 minutes before foundation. Some good primers are NARS or Embryolisse. Now a days every photographer and videographer is using HD quality equipment. This is fabulous because you pictures will look great. You just want to make sure that you are wearing makeup that will come out fabulous in the pictures. The best option for this is airbrush makeup. The way that it sprays on is pixelated and has the best results on camera. If you can’t find someone who airbrushes you can still find HD quality foundation. Make Up Forever has really great HD quality foundation.

9. Shape your eyebrows

  • Have you ever noticed the difference between someone who takes care of their eyebrows and someone who just lets them grow? I know I do, because I can tell on myself. When I have my eyebrows waxed I feel like a new woman! It can make so much of a difference.If you have never gotten your eyebrows waxed or shaped before, go to a professional a couple months before. That way if you don’t like it you will have time to grow them out. If you do like it, continue going to the same person and keep it up until the wedding. The last time you should get your eyebrows waxed should be at least 3 days before the wedding. This gives you enough time to make sure you don’t have red above and below your full set mink lashes and that the makeup will go on smooth.

10. Don’t forget your makeup artist or hair stylist!

  • After you have been beautified for your perfect day, make sure you show some love to the people who got you there! Makeup artists and hair stylist are always looking to update their portfolio and the best way to do that is with the professional pictures from your photographer. Make sure when it is said and done and you have some pictures back, you let your stylist know that they can get them printed out and use them for their website and literature, etc. It would be a huge help to them!
  • full set mink lashes
    full set mink lashes

We are Marissa Shaffer and Natalia Simmons, owners of Bliss Makeup Artistry. We are located in sunny Southern California and love it!. We are fun, upbeat go-getters and love to make brides feel at ease and beyond beautiful on their big day. All our services are on-location so we come to where the bride needs which equals one less stop and less stress! The Bliss Team relies on The Favour Shoppe for great gift ideas and current event favor trends.


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Perfect Eye Make Up Every Time With the Dinair Airbrush

Most people will notice your eyes before they notice anything else about you. Make a fabulous first impression with perfect eye make-up from Dinair Airbrush. This airbrush system is the same make-up tool many professionals stylists use on celebrities to give them those “siberian mink lashes” eyes, and you can enjoy the benefits it provides, too. The possibilities this tool gives you to create the perfect eye make-up for any event or occasion are endless.

siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

Lssno Eye shadow is where most women focus their attention on when applying make-up, and this airbrush system won’t let you down on creating perfect eyes. The system comes with a wide range of color options, and also gives you the option to mix the colors to create new siberian mink lashes. You can create a soft look, a dramatic look, a smokey look with ease with this airbrush. The airbrush also comes with trendy eye stencils that add pizazz for that special night on the town. With stencils, you can add geometric shapes, leopard print, or any other design that suits your occasion.

You don’t want to spend so much effort focusing on eye shadow that you overlook the eye brows. The Dinair Airbrush features several different cosmetic stencils that let you choose not only the shape and color of your brows, but else the edge definition to create a realistic, polished look.

Your eye siberian mink lashes can add a dramatic finishing touch to your eyes, whether you want seductive, sultry, or trendy eyes, or some other look altogether. The airbrush can aid color to the tips of your lashes that often have faded over time. The air and color together work to add color while also thickening and separating the lashes for an amazing effect.

siberian mink lashes
siberian mink lashes

For any color, any look, and any occasion, the Dinair Airbrush gives you the perfect siberian mink lashes every time.


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Eye Makeup Techniques – Enhancing Your Best Beauty Feature

Eye Makeup Techniques depend a lot on the skin tone of the wearer and on their mink hair lashes color. The eye shape is secondary: how you apply can greatly enhance the shape or size of your eyes or even diminish them if incorrectly done. Here is some advice for showing off your best beauty feature.

mink hair lashes
mink hair lashes

Lssno Brown eyed women with medium complexions can wear just about any eye shadow color. For daytime, espresso, pale beige and medium brown tones look best. Some extreme shades such as the darkest mink hair lashes, metallic shades and navy blue are more suited for nighttime. Blue eyed women can wear navy blue, dark brown and cream shades, but those with fair complexions should stick to the paler shades for daytime. Green eyes and hazel eyes are well suited with browns, greens and taupe while gray eyes can handle a variety of blues, grays and even black.

The eye shape is a factor in how to apply the eyeliner. Wide eyes can be rimmed all around to make them look even bigger while narrow eyes should not be rimmed completely since it will make them look smaller. Instead put the mink hair lashes and shadow on the outer half of the eyes and this will make them look bigger and rounder.

Applying eyeliner calls for a steady hand. Pull the eyelid and make a line of dots if you are having trouble drawing a straight line. Fill in the gaps between the dots. Work from the inside towards the outside lid. Do the same with the bottom lid.

When applying eye shadow, you should have a trio or a quad of similar shades from lightest to darkest. The first step involves putting the lightest color on the brow bone, the area directly mink hair lashes the eyebrow arch. After that, line your eyes with eyeliner so when you are putting on the darker shades, you do not smudge your liner. Then put the medium shade in the eyelid crease, covering the entire crease. The darkest shade now goes on the lowest part of the eyelid from the outside corner.

Applying mascara is very easy. Look in the mirror as you apply. Put the mascara on the lash tips. Put it on from the inside top corner of your eyelid and then the outer corner, moving the wand horizontally. For the bottom mink hair lashes, hold the mascara brush vertically and very lightly touch the lower lashes.

Like eye shadow, choosing the right color of mascara depends on your skin tone and eye color. Eye and hair color are also factors in your decision. If you are a fair skinned blonde or redhead, black may be too harsh for you unless it is nighttime. Go with dark brown mascara instead. Medium complexions are flattered by dark brown or soft black mascara. The darkest eyes can wear the darkest black possible.

mink hair lashes
mink hair lashes

Knowing the correct ways of applying makeup is important. The colors that you use for your eyes also determine the effect it will create and how beautiful you will look. There are a number of eye makeup techniques which every woman should know in order to create that perfect look. Discover the latest makeup techniques and how to apply makeup like a pro by visiting Eye Makeup Techniques


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Few Questions About Eyelash Extensions!

What is eyelash extensions mink single lashes?
These are semi-permanent extensions glued one by one to the natural mink single lashes using a glue. This glue lasts 2-4 weeks. These are very new beauty techniques, helping you to achieve attractive luscious lashes, and that originated in Korea.

mink single lashes
mink single lashes

Who can wear these eyelashes?
Lssno You don’t have to be a celebrity or any such glamorous lady to wear the mink single lashes. Even simple housewives are using the technique to appear more beautiful everyday and they can’t bear without it for long. Today, professionals of almost every field are using the technique to get a glamorous look and become a ‘talk of the town’.

The procedure?
A single natural lash is picked and synthetic lash is glued to it approximately 1mm from the eyes so that it is kept away from any contact with the skin.

What is the time duration of the procedure?
Normally, the procedure takes different times for different kind of extension. For a full two eye work, it approximately takes an hour but takes around forty five minutes for single eye. Lots of patience is required and so you must take enough time with you when you go anywhere for the process. You should be calm and must not rush through it, for it is directly effecting your personality. The process being painless, allows you to rest and many even get into sleep during the time.

What about using self service in this technique?
Though one can’t stop you from doing it for yourself, it is suggested that a trained and experienced professional must be employed for the task. Therefore, as per the understood rule, you must not try it on yourself.

Do the existing mink single lashes break during the procedure?
Nothing of this sort is found to happen. The only care you should take is to reach a well experienced beauty technician for the process is a delicate one. If pulled carelessly hard, the natural eyelash will definitely break and so, an experienced person must work for your eyes.

What about using mascara after the procedure?
In fact, you won’t need to wear mascara after it. The procedure will make your eyes appear as if mascara is naturally always present. You can always jump out of bed without any tension of applying mascara.

Are the glue and glue remover safe?
Definitely. When the materials are applied by a skilled mink single lashes, they are very safe for your eyes and skin. Great care has to be taken while applying the glue and other material, which should only be done by a trained personnel. Only a trained professional can know the details of the way of applying these items.

Can the extensions be removed?
Yes, anytime. Whenever you feel any restlessness due to the mink single lashes, you can get them removed. Know of the trained professional in your place and reach out to them.

Which are the best cities for eyelash extensions?
The most popular cities for the procedure are the metro cities of Japan and Korea. Additionally, eyelash extensions in Brisbane is another of the most popular places where the procedure has great demand.

mink single lashes
mink single lashes

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What’s in Your Bag? – 10 Essentials For the Girl on the Go

When you say “mink lashes wholesale,” most people think pencils, rulers, and even laptops. These days, the co-ed in your life won’t have time to hit the dorm between working out and heading to class or racing to a sporting event after a work shift. Make it easy on her with travel-sized beauty musts that fit easily into a purse, backpack, or gym bag.

mink lashes wholesale
mink lashes wholesale

Lssno Chances are you won’t be able to resist these handy pick-me-ups yourself! No matter where your busy day takes you, make sure you have everything you need to:

1. mink lashes wholesale. Now you can have your morning coffee and a bright smile, too. Remove telltale stains on the fly with SuperSmile Quickie, a whitening polish that also freshens your breath. No brushing or rinsing required!

2. Touch up. In a midday makeup emergency, don’t get caught without the proper tools. The Too Faced Make Up Brushes kit has everything you need to define your eyes, brows, or cheeks in a pinch.

3. Plump up. Say bye-bye to frizz and hello to volume with mink lashes wholesale (1.8-oz.). Made with sugar and honey to promote healthy, shiny tresses, this hair pick-me-up refreshes with a light honeysuckle scent.

4. Lash out. If you plan to hit the gym before class or work, don’t forget your Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara. With just one coat, your mink lashes wholesale will be bold, beautiful, and ready for action.

5. Stay out. Whether you’re heading to class or off to an outdoor event, shield yourself from damaging sun rays with Demalogica’s Extra Rich Faceblock SPF 30 (mink lashes wholesale.). This winning formula serves as both moisturizer and sunscreen, keeping skin smooth and protected.

6. Freshen up. When you find time for touch-ups, don’t waste it on rummaging for the shade you need. Keep your favorite cheek and eye hues at the ready in the magnetic Stila Refillable 4-Pan Compact.

7. Gloss over. After meals or on a whim, don’t forget to refresh your lip gloss. Lucy B. Fresh Juice in Coconut Kiss or Tinkerbell is bound to sweeten your day-and your smile-no matter what’s on your busy schedule.

8. Smooth over. Nothing cramps your style more than chapped, cracked hands. Keep dry skin at bay with Juara Candlenut Hand and Body Balm (mink lashes wholesale), a paraben-free formula designed to nourish and moisturize for smooth, healthy skin.

9. Comb through. If you’re not going for the wind-blown look, keep those long locks tangle-free with the Mason Pearson Detangling Comb. This handmade comb features smoothly tapered teeth for a more comfortable feel.

10. File away. Don’t let a rough nail break your stride. Reach for your Lippman Smooth Operator four-way nail buffer to give your nails a clean, polished look in minutes.

mink lashes wholesale
mink lashes wholesale

Ann H. Carlson is an expert beauty writer for Beauty Collection, one of the top beauty retailers in the world (Women’s Wear Daily, March 2009). Beauty Collection carries over 200 prestige beauty brands like MoroccanOil, and Keratin Complex. It showcases all beauty categories including skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrance, hair tools, and more.