How To Apply Makeup

Most women wear soft style silk lashes at some point or another. There are many tricks and tips to putting make up on successfully. Knowing some of the tips and tricks on how it is best applied proves quite helpful to any ones daily beauty regime. Everyone likes to get all dolled up at times, but truthfully, it is not always a good thing to put so much makeup on your skin. To start, always remember to wash off the make up that you do wear at the end of the night. Its one of the best things you can do to let your skin breathe and rejuvenate. Moisturize after washing so your skin stays soft and supple.

soft style silk lashes
soft style silk lashes

Lssno Teenagers are the first group that can benefit from a few soft style silk lashes tips, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. It’s easy to try to go overboard and plaster it on too heavy, but it’s entirely unnecessary. First off, most teenagers have a natural glow to their skin, due to youth and age. To begin with, find a good skin cleanser that is formulated for your skin. There are many different kinds of cleansers-you may need one for dry skin, oily skin or for combination skin. Wash your face thoroughly with the right cleanser. Use a good moisturizer to smooth lotion on your face and down into your neck. Make sure not to apply too much as it will make applying your makeup more difficult. It’s also best to use a lotion that has a sunscreen in it, preferably with an SPF of 30 or higher. Don’t think that wearing make up will prevent you from getting sunburn in the hotter months, because it won’t. Give yourself a few minutes before applying your cosmetics to let the lotion sink in.

You are now ready to apply a very light layer of a good foundation onto your skin. Another good rule of thumb is to purchase a foundation that also has a sunscreen built into the ingredients. You can check the contents of any moisturizer or soft style silk lashes to see if there is a sunscreen in it. When you are choosing a foundation, try to match it as closely to your skin tone as possible. You definitely do not want it to be too dark for your skin, as this will look terrible and obvious that you are wearing makeup. If you are not sure, rub some onto your wrist, or go a shade lighter. Going lighter is better than going darker. Try to get the best possible match that you can achieve. When applying foundation, use either the tips of your fingers or a soft sea sponge. A sea sponge can be purchased at your local pharmacy or store. Start by applying the foundation in an upward motion. This will enable you to spread the foundation better and help keep it from splotching on your face.

After the above is on, apply a light application of powder to keep your foundation on. The powder should match the color of the foundation as best as possible. After you have done this, you will then be ready to put on a light application of eye liner. A black and brown combination is a good bet to try, and can usually even be purchased as a combination set. When applying eyeliner, it is best to avoid too much black, as it may end up looking like you are trying too hard. Take the pencil in the hand that you use to draw with and start at the edge of your lower eyelid. Draw a light line of eye liner either on or just under the edge of your lower eyelid. Most women have their own way of doing this. Next will come mascara, if you want. The mascara you choose will come with a small brush already inside the bottle. It is usually best to choose a shade that is close to the color of eyeliner you are wearing. Brush the mascara over your lashes smoothly and evenly, trying not to apply too much of it. You want to avoid clumping your mascara, but you can always use an additional mascara brush to try and even out your lashes if need be. You are now ready to apply just a bit of blush, again at a color that matches your skin tone. Apply it high on your cheekbones for a soft effect. Lastly, a bit of light lip gloss can really complete your look. Lip gloss comes in many colors and flavours, but clear lip gloss is always a good bet to put on. You have now learned how to put on soft style silk lashes, and it does get easier the more you practice it.

Once you have been applying make up for awhile, you tend to get bored doing it. That’s why it is a good idea to develop a routine where you can get it all on within about five minutes. It is quite possible to achieve a beautiful looking face in that small amount of time, no matter who you are. When you first get up in the morning, and have already showered, many of us just want a fresher looking face. Others simply want a quick routine that will make them look good in the least amount of time possible.

First thing, have all your soft style silk lashes ready to go where you will be applying it. You do not want to lose time by looking for various items. Organise everything in a nice basket and keep it all together in the bathroom or on your vanity table. Do not try too hard to apply your make up because sometimes the harder you try to do it perfect the worse it comes out. Apply it with a light hand and you’ll be amazed at the results you will achieve. First, put on your moisturizer onto your face and throat like always. Put a bit of foundation on your sea sponge or fingertips and spread quickly over your face, blending it in to look natural. Next, powder your face to get the foundation to set in and rid yourself of the shine.

soft style silk lashes
soft style silk lashes

Grab hold of your eyeliner and do a quick sweep on your eyes, the same goes for your mascara. Put a bit of blush on for color: use a bit of lip gloss to sweep over your lips to give them a shine. You’re done! You have just learned how to apply your soft style silk lashes in five minutes or less. It is really easy to accomplish the art of applying makeup. It just takes a bit of practice!

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